More Information about the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan

The OHMVR Division, in cooperation with the BLM, is preparing a General Plan/Recreation Area Management Plan/California Desert Conservation Area Land Use Plan Amendment (General Plan/RAMP/LUPA; or “Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan”) and associated EIR/EIS for Ocotillo Wells SVRA.

The Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan will establish a benchmark for land managers, staff, and the public to evaluate decisions about Ocotillo Wells SVRA over the long term. The Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan will guide future and day-to-day decision-making, and will serve as the basis for developing feasibility and management plans, planning and implementing projects, and conducting other management actions.

The current Ocotillo Wells SVRA General Plan was developed by California State Parks, OHMVR Division, Ocotillo Wells District in 1982 following the designation of Ocotillo Wells as an SVRA in 1976. Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan will reflect changing conditions and issues, and will incorporate lands acquired by Ocotillo Wells SVRA after 1982 and lands managed by the BLM within the boundary of Ocotillo Wells SVRA.