Summary of Public Input on Preliminary Goals

The Summary of Public Input on Preliminary Goals presents a summary of public input that was received during public outreach activities conducted by California State Parks as part of the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) General Plan Update process. Public outreach activities consisted of in-person mobile workshops (February 18, 2012 and February 19, 2012) and an online commenting exercise (February 22, 2012 through March 21, 2012). These public outreach activities were conducted to provide an update on work completed to date and to collect feedback on preliminary goals to be included in the Ocotillo Wells SVRA General Plan.

The Summary of Public Input on Preliminary Goals is now available for download and includes:

  • Public Outreach Activities: Describes the purpose of the public outreach activities, the public notification process, informational materials that were available, and the details of the public outreach activities.
  • Summary of Public Input: Summarizes input that was collected during the public outreach activities.
  • Appendices:

    • A: Notification Materials
    • B: Existing Conditions Boards
    • C: Comments on Preliminary Goals
    • D: Area-Specific Comments
    • E: Letters Submitted

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