Public Participation Program

A comprehensive and varied public outreach program has been developed for the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan to maximize opportunities for stakeholders to provide input and feedback on the development of the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan. This program includes a visitor survey, stakeholder interviews, public workshops, fact sheets, and a project website with information and opportunities for online input. Opportunities for public participation will be provided throughout the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan process.

Input collected during the public participation program has been documented in summaries, which are posted to this website. The input summaries will include the names of people representing established stakeholder organizations and agencies who have submitted comments. To protect privacy, input summaries do not include the names of individuals who do not represent stakeholders. However, during the environmental review process (CEQA and NEPA), the names of all individuals submitting comments will be listed unless anonymity is requested by the individual supplying the comment.

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